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With over 50,000 miles of coastline in Florida, Westcoast Pest Services is an environmentally conscience company interested in educating the community on how working as a “Green Team” can positively impact our environment.   We, like our EcoCare Marine Partner’s throughout Tampa Bay, are committed to addressing environmental issues and protecting Florida’s natural resources.   With over 70% of Florida’s population living in a coastal zone – we all must do our part to keep these waterways free from pesticides and other pollutants that may be harmful and transmit diseases.


EcoCare Marine is a much safer pest control alternative for confined or enclosed areas on all size watercrafts.


    Our EcoCare Marine service line can be used around waterways since it is

non-toxic and breaks down in water within 24 hours


The products selected for EcoCare Marine are biodegradable and have

no adverse impact on birds or fish and will not contaminate our waterways


The EcoCare Marine products keep waterways free from pesticides and other chemicals that may be harmful to us and the environment

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