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Q:     What services does your Certified Technician perform?     

Inspects the Property
– Performs a thorough inspection prior to any treatments.  Identify any pest problems, and any areas conducive to pest infestation in and around the home or business.
Performs Service - Follows all of the appropriate conventional service treatment protocols creating a pest-free environment.
Educates - Discusses and explains all issues identified during the inspection and service.  Informs you of your next scheduled service date.
Communicates – Provides feedback regarding service and addresses any questions or concerns to ensure you are 100% satisfied.   

 Q:      How does your eco-friendly service target insects, but not people or pets?


The products we use contain all-natural ingredients with a unique mode of action that targets insects, but not mammals.  These ingredients regulate an insect’s heart rate, movement and metabolism.  Once applied, the product will interrupt the insect's ability to control it's nervous system and will be eliminated. 

 Q:      Does Westcoast Pest Services products qualify as organic?

            Our eco-friendly services line carries a minimum-rick rating. 
          It is National Organic Program (NOP) compliant and does qualify as

Q:        Is the your services more expensive when compared to traditional
            chemical treatment?

The cost for our service is very competitive when compared to conventional treatment options.   In fact, we have found our service to be more economical  and just as effective as synthetic chemcial treatments. 


Q:   How often do you provide service and what’s the cost for each treatment?


During our initial visit we treat both the interior and exterior of the home.  Then, every other month a Certified Technician will have a confirmed appointment to treat the exterior only.   Interior treatments are available upon request during all scheduled services at no additional charge.  

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