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When researching and choosing a pest management company a good question to ask them is;  

           "Exactly what shade of green are you and how many years of hands-on pest prevention and control experience does your company offer?” 

We have seen a questionable trend of some company's promoting that their products are “Certified Green”.   It’s very important for all of us recognize that "Green" is just one of many words describing the organic market, not an official term or qualification used by recognized heath organizations.  Make sure and ask them what rating the USDA has given their products and are they Certified Organic and NOP Compliant.   Other factors to consider is how many years the company has been in the pest control industry,  how much hands-on pest control experience their Technicians  have and  can this company be trusted to provide their services in a timely and effective manor as well as at a competitive market price.  


Westcoast Pest Services has been providing environmentally conscientious pest prevention and control services around Tampa Bay for over 20 years and we continue to offer our customers the safest and most up-to-date environmentally friendly products currently available. Being a locally owned and operated company has given us a chance to offer our customers an a la carte menu of services, eliminate set-up fees and annual contracts! And with years of experience defining and then refining our services, we offer our customers the most effective and economical pest management in the Tampa Bay area.  GUARANTEED. 

                                    It comes down to this…

     We are straight-forward and honest with our customers 
                          and our customers trust us!















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